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Automobile mold classification and manufacturing process inventory(Part 1)

In a broad sense, “automotive mold” is the general term for molds that manufacture all parts of automobiles. For example, injection molds, stamping molds, forging molds, casting wax molds, glass molds, etc. When people talk about cars, the first thing that comes to mind is the body of the car. In other words, the body is the iconic assembly of the car. The body represents the image characteristics of that car. In a narrow sense, automobile mold is the general term for the molds that stamp all stamping parts on the automobile body. That is, “auto body stamping mold”. For example, top cover flanging mold, beam reinforcement plate pressing mold, etc.

1,Classification of automotive plastic molds

There are many ways to classify automobile plastic molds. According to the different molding and processing methods of plastic parts, they can be divided into the following categories:

·Injection mold

Injection mold is also called injection mold. The molding process of this mold is characterized by placing the plastic raw material in the heated barrel of the injection machine. The plastic is heated and melted, pushed by the screw or plunger of the injection machine, and enters the mold cavity through the nozzle and the mold’s pouring system. The plastic is solidified and formed in the mold cavity through heat preservation, pressure preservation, and cooling. Since the heating and pressure device can function in stages, injection molding can not only mold plastic parts with complex shapes, but also has high production efficiency and good quality. Therefore, injection molding occupies a large proportion in the molding of plastic parts, and injection molds account for more than half of plastic molding molds. Injection machines are mainly used for the molding of thermoplastic plastics. In recent years, they have also been gradually used for the molding of thermosetting plastics.

·Transfer mould

Transfer mold is also called injection mold or extrusion mold. The characteristic of the molding process of this mold is that the plastic raw materials are added into the preheated feeding chamber, and then the pressure column applies pressure to the plastic raw materials in the feeding chamber. The plastic melts under high temperature and high pressure and enters the cavity through the pouring system of the mold, and then Chemical cross-linking occurs and gradually solidifies. The transfer molding process is mostly used for thermosetting plastics and can form plastic parts with relatively complex shapes.


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