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Why can’t a girl unscrew a bottle cap? (Physics Revealed)

How are plastic bottle caps made at a few cents a pop? Is the cap and security ring in one piece when opening a beverage bottle or what? Why some beauties can’t unscrew the cap? Hidden in the heart for many years of doubt was solved!

The bottle cap is fastened to the bottle mouth by matching with the mouth of the bottle, which is to prevent the leakage of the substance inside the bottle, as well as the invasion of external bacteria. After tightening the cap, the mouth of the bottle penetrates deep into the cap to the top of the gasket, and the inner groove of the mouth of the bottle and the threads of the cap are in close contact with each other to provide pressure for the sealing surface, and the several sealing structures can effectively avoid the leakage of the substance inside the bottle or deterioration.

1.Pressure moulding bottle cap production process

Compression moulded caps have no traces of material mouth, look more beautiful, processing temperature is low, shrinkage is small, cap size is more accurate.

2,Injection moulding cap production process

Injection mould has large volume and troublesome to replace, injection moulding requires higher pressure for multiple caps per mould, higher heating temperature of the material, and higher energy consumption than compression moulding.

The mixed material is put into the injection moulding machine, and the material is heated up to about 230 degrees Celsius in the machine to become semi-plasticised, and then injected into the cavity of the abrasive tool through pressure, and then cooled and shaped.

Bottle cap cooling shrinkage mould counterclockwise rotating movement, under the action of the push plate will be the top of the bottle cap, to achieve the automatic fall of the bottle cap, the use of threaded rotary demoulding can ensure that the entire thread of the complete moulding, can effectively avoid the deformation of the bottle cap scratches.


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