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High-speed cutting technology for automotive moulds

High-speed cutting technology has been widely used in the domestic and foreign automotive mould manufacturing industry, and has achieved great benefits, but the mechanism of high-speed cutting and related theories are still imperfect, and the high-speed cutting database for automotive moulds has not yet been established. Domestic and foreign enterprises to choose high-speed cutting tool parameters and high-speed cutting processing parameters are still based on the traditional “test cutting method” and “empirical method”, in the processing of a new type of material, it is often necessary to use a variety of tools for repeated cutting tests, research and analysis of tool wear, breakage mode and its causes. In the processing of a new material, it is often necessary to use a variety of tools to repeat the cutting test, study and analyse the tool wear, breakage and its causes, from which to find a set of the best tool materials and processing parameters, so many times, blindness, and waste of a lot of manpower, financial resources and resources. For special materials such as alloy cast iron, high-strength alloy steel, super alloys (such as titanium alloys) and other materials, high-speed cutting, how to choose the appropriate cutting tool according to the material characteristics, how to design a reasonable cutting parameters, is still in the research and development.

  1. High-speed cutting improves the processing speed

High-speed cutting processing to higher than conventional cutting speed of about 10 times the cutting speed of automotive mould for high-speed cutting processing. Due to the high-speed machine tool spindle excitation frequency far exceeds the “machine tool – tool – workpiece” system of the inherent frequency range, automotive mould machining process is smooth and shock-free.

  1. High-speed cutting and machining with high productivity

With high-speed machining centre or high-speed milling machine processing mould, can be in the workpiece in a clamping to complete the rough, finish machining and other parts of the automotive mould machining, that is, the so-called “a time over” technology (One Pass Machining). The application of high-speed cutting processing technology greatly improves the development speed of automotive moulds.

  1. High-speed cutting can obtain high-quality machined surface

As a result of taking a very small step and depth of cut, high-speed cutting can obtain a very high surface quality, and can even eliminate the clamp repair process.

4. Simplify the machining process

Conventional milling can only be carried out before the quenching, quenching caused by the deformation must be manually trimmed or the use of electrical final shape. Now it can be done by high-speed cutting, and there will be no surface hardening caused by electrical machining. In addition, due to the reduced cutting volume, high-speed machining allows smaller radii and mould details to be machined with smaller diameter tools, saving some of the machining or hand finishing processes, and thus shortening the production cycle.

  1. High-speed cutting makes the automotive mold repair process more convenient

Automobile molds often need to be repaired multiple times during use to extend their service life. If high-speed cutting is used, the work can be completed faster and the processing effect of milling instead of grinding can be achieved. The original NC program can be used without reprogramming. And it can be done accurately.

  1. High-speed cutting can process hard automotive molds with complex shapes

It can be seen from the high-speed cutting mechanism: During high-speed cutting, the cutting force is greatly reduced, and the cutting process becomes easier. High-speed cutting has great advantages in cutting high-strength and high-hardness materials, and can process complex profiles and high hardness ratios. automobile mold.


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