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High-temperature material PEEK corresponds to the precision gear mould and process analysis

Applications of PEEK materials

1.PEEK resin was first used in the aerospace field, replacing aluminium and other metal materials to manufacture a variety of aircraft parts in the automotive industry, due to the material has good friction resistance and mechanical properties.

2.The manufacture of pipelines, valves and pumps to transport ultrapure water, in the semiconductor industry, commonly used in the manufacture of wafer carrier, electronic insulation diaphragm and a variety of connecting devices, a variety of precision gears and so on.

Properties of PEEK materials

Corrosion and ageing resistant;

High resistance to dissolution;

Conditions of high temperature, high frequency and high voltage electrical properties;

High flexibility and rigidity;

High dimensional stability;

Good abrasion resistance and strong anti-corrosion properties.

Mould characteristics of PEEK high temperature materials

As the material is high temperature material, all the corresponding mould features are also to be processed according to the production method of high temperature moulds, high temperature moulds corresponding to the production method has the following precautions:

Insulation measures are needed when designing the mould;

The mould needs to consider the coefficient of thermal expansion of the mould frame and the mould nut as well as other sliding parts;

The selection of mould steel and the selection of materials for each component needs to be of high temperature resistant type;

The fittings such as water pipes, joints, counters, etc. need to be of special types;

When designing the mould, the sliding and moving parts should be marked with reasonable tolerances and gaps;

Lubricating oil and other special high temperature resistant series;

Attention should be paid to the design of the runner and the inlet point;

The layout of the water circuit should be reasonable to maintain the consistency of the mould temperature.

PEEK high temperature material injection moulding process characteristics

The material is a high-temperature high glass fibre material, and its viscosity is high, and its fluidity is slightly poor, corresponding to the characteristics of the moulding process need to pay attention to the following matters:

It is necessary to use a special high-temperature moulding machine equipped with special screws;

Special types of mould heaters, water pipes and heat insulation boards should be used;

The moisture content of the material has a great influence on the appearance, so it is necessary to ensure adequate drying;

Control the heat in the hot runner, and control the crystallinity of the moulding material;

Combined with mould flow analysis and scientific mould testing to determine a reasonable injection speed (speed affects viscosity and shear heat).


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