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Dongguan Jinchen Precision Mold Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in high-precision mold parts processing and technology research and development. It has more than ten years of production experience and has solved many supply and technical problems for customers.

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How can hardware products be safely delivered to customers when they are packaged?

Because cross-border logistics takes a long time and there are many bumps along the way, it is best to choose products that are not fragile or deformable. Also pay attention to the packaging. Throughout the cross-border delivery process, packages may come into contact with multiple touchpoints causing potential damage. Once the product leaves the distribution center, delivery truck movement, squeezing and even delivery driver negligence mean that a poorly packaged product may not necessarily arrive in the consumer’s hands intact.

Inadequate packaging not only has a direct impact on the brand, but also affects the relationship between the merchant and its customers. In today’s increasingly competitive retail industry, consumers not only expect their goods to arrive quickly, but they also expect their goods to arrive in perfect condition.

What’s more, over-packaging products can also be criticized, as users feel it’s wasteful and not environmentally friendly. If sellers fail to do this, they risk damaging the relationship with the customer before they even have one.

Properly sized packaging is another effective solution – by reducing the filling of air and voids, retailers are able to minimize shipping costs and create a sturdier package that greatly reduces returns from damage.

Additionally, correct packaging size is another effective solution to reduce costs. By reducing air and void filling, retailers are able to minimize shipping costs and create a safe, sturdy package that greatly reduces or avoids product damage.

Next, I will introduce to you how Jinchen Precision Mold Parts Co. Ltd. packs and safely delivers the goods to customers.

Jinchen Precision Mold Parts Co. Ltd. uses an air compression baler to pack precision mold parts.

The air compression baler adopts a unique dual-cylinder and dual-station structural design, and the two cylinders work at the same time during pressing. Use strong artificial pressure (composed of hydraulic pressure or mechanical screw and motor) to press out most of the air in the packaged items, and then seal the plastic bag when it is pressed to a certain thickness. It has been able to reduce the volume by more than 1/2 or even higher, but does not change the shape of the item, is moisture-proof and dust-proof, and reduces storage and transportation costs. It is an ideal packaging equipment for packaging products required by many export companies, especially home textiles, sponges and other goods disposal manufacturers.

The characteristics of the air compression baler are

1. Dual-station operation: The use of dual-station operation is based on the fact that when manufacturers pack items of different specifications, large products can be packaged in one operation, and small products can be packaged in two stations at the same time. This greatly improves work efficiency and manpower, and the dual workstations can be operated individually or simultaneously.

2.Dual-cylinder operation: not only the pressure is increased, but the pressing is stable and even.

3. The bottom plate has a positioning device: Some customers require that each packaged object be pressed to a certain thickness. It is not necessary to press it as flat as possible, so as to facilitate the alignment during packing.

  1. The sealing strip lifts and lowers with the upper pressure plate: Generally, the sealing strips of other manufacturers are fixed on the frame using a gantry type, and the position of the sealing strip cannot be too high, so it can only be inserted from the opposite side. The operation is more troublesome. If using Gantry sealing can only be designed for single-station operation.
    And can achieve special specifications and special production

In this way, Jinchen’s precision mold parts are safely delivered to every customer. Although our method can protect the products very well, it cannot withstand the violent handling of express delivery during the transportation process. Because we will also ask the couriers to handle them with care.

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