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How to overcome the difficulties in making pen molds and achieve rapid production

The difficulty in making the pen mold lies in its accuracy and quality. Making a high quality pen mold requires precise mold design and making skills. At the same time, making pen molds also requires patience and care, because each pen shape needs to be carefully made and adjusted. Special attention needs to be paid to the concentricity and draft of the pen mold injection molding.

The difficulties in making pen molds mainly include the following aspects:

High production precision: The production of pen molds requires extremely high precision, especially in terms of details, such as the shape, color, thickness of the pen tip, etc., which need to be accurate to the micron level.

High material requirements: Pen molds usually require the use of materials with high hardness and high wear resistance, such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc., to ensure their durability and service life.

Complex production process: The production of pen molds requires multiple process steps, such as mold design, mold processing, surface treatment, etc. Each step requires fine operations and technology.

Long production cycle: The production cycle of pen molds is long, usually taking weeks or months, because multiple process steps need to be made and adjusted.

Multiple tests are required: The production of the pen mold requires multiple tests to ensure that it meets the design requirements and usage standards.

In general, the difficulty in making pen molds mainly lies in design, manufacturing and assembly, which requires high-precision processing equipment and technology, as well as rich manufacturing experience and skills.

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