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Dongguan Jinchen Precision Mold Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in high-precision mold parts processing and technology research and development. It has more than ten years of production experience and has solved many supply and technical problems for customers.

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In addition to being super wear-resistant, what other properties do precision mold parts have?

Mold parts are components and basic components of the mold. A complete mold consists of a mold base, guide components, punching components, nitrogen gas springs, pneumatic components, fixed seats, sliding and wear-resistant guide plates, wedge mechanisms, etc. It is assembled from parts and functional components. Mold accessories are widely used in various types of plastic molds, stamping molds, automobiles, electrical and aviation fields.

Do you know the main characteristics of mold accessories?

Wear resistance: When the blank plastically degenerates in the mold cavity, it flows and slides along the cavity surface, causing severe friction between the cavity surface and the blank, causing the mold to fail due to wear. Therefore, the wear resistance of materials is one of the most important properties of mold accessories.

Strong toughness: Most of the working conditions of molds are not good, and some often bear large impact loads, resulting in brittle fracture. In order to prevent the mold parts from suddenly breaking during operation, the mold parts must have high strength and toughness. The toughness of mold parts mainly depends on the carbon content, grain size and organizational state of the material.

Corrosion resistance: When the plastic mold is working, due to the presence of chlorine, fluorine and other elements in the plastic, highly corrosive gases such as HCL and HF are decomposed after heating, which erodes the surface of the mold cavity, increases its surface roughness, and aggravates wear and failure.

Corrosion resistance, wear resistance and strength and toughness are the three major characteristics of mold parts. However, the current production requirements are becoming more and more stringent. These three characteristics alone can no longer meet the application of mold parts in production. Then, new mold parts are still needed. What features are required?

Fatigue fracture resistance
Anti-fatigue fracture performance is a property that all new mold parts have now, because in the high-intensity production process, mold parts are prone to fatigue fracture under long-term force, so mold parts with anti-fatigue fracture performance are now It is very important, and the fatigue fracture resistance of mold parts depends on its strength, toughness, hardness and the process and materials used to make the mold parts.

High temperature resistance
High temperature resistance is a basic performance that mold parts are currently required to possess. Because molds are constantly entering and exiting the production line during the production process, high temperature work will weaken the hardness and strength of mold parts. Therefore, molds with tempering resistance stability Accessories can ensure the stability of the production process and the high quality of the product in high temperature environments.

Do you know what common mold accessories are?

Mold parts are divided into automotive plastic mold parts, non-standard mold parts, plastic mold parts, and metal stamping mold parts. Mold accessories is the full name of a category, which can be subdivided into hundreds of parts.

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