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In the manufacturing process of pen molds, do you know the difference between public molds and private molds?

In the manufacturing process of pen molds, public mold and private mold are two different mold design methods.

A public mold refers to a mold that can be used by multiple manufacturers. The design and manufacturing of this kind of mold are completed by an independent mold company, so mold processing services can be provided to multiple customers. Male molds have the advantages of low production cost, high production efficiency, and easy maintenance. However, due to the need to meet the needs of multiple customers, the design may be subject to certain restrictions and it is difficult to meet the personalized requirements of customers.

Compared with public molds, private molds are molds that are individually customized for specific customers. This kind of mold is designed and manufactured according to the customer’s requirements and can meet the customer’s personalized needs. The production cost of private molds is relatively high, but its specific design can make production efficiency higher, product batch control more accurate, and quality easier to ensure.

Therefore, in the pen mold manufacturing process, the choice of public mold or private mold depends on customer demand and production scale. If the production scale is large and the products are similar to other manufacturers, choosing a public model may be a more economical and reasonable choice; if personalized design is required and the production scale is relatively small, then choosing a private model is more appropriate.

Let’s take a look at the simple production process of the pen mold:

1.Mold drawing refers to reviewing the drawings of parts provided by customers for making molds, making mold drawings and general mold drawings, preparing materials and other preliminary work.

2.Open the mold and make a preliminary model according to the drawings.

3.Injection molding, melt the plastic particles and inject them into the mold

4.Make a mold and wait until the plastic is dry to shape it into the designed model.

5.Comparing the molds, compare the concave and convex templates to see if they are symmetrical.

6.Flying mold means closing the mold. After the parting surface and slider surface of the mold have been machined or discharge processed, they should be colored with red lead to confirm whether the contact between the same surfaces is good. If the contact is not ideal, perform bench work. Correction, this process is called flying mold, also called mold closing or mold matching.

7.Mold trial, although the mold design is carried out under the expected process conditions when selecting molding materials and molding equipment, people’s understanding is often imperfect, so a trial mold test must be carried out after the mold processing is completed. Look at the quality of the molded parts. After the discovery is made, the mold will be repaired to eliminate the error.

8.Mold repair, because the molding conditions are easy to change, so the general approach is to change the molding conditions first. When changing the molding conditions cannot solve the problem, then consider repairing the mold. Repairing the mold should be done more cautiously, and do not act rashly if you are not very sure. The reason is that once the mold conditions are changed, major modifications and restoration to the original state cannot be made.

9.Mass production. If there are no problems ahead, mass production can be carried out.


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