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Injection mold temperature

Why is mold temperature needed?

No matter the temperature of the mold is high or low, its function is always to maintain a certain temperature of the mold and play a cooling role during the stable production process.

The really important mold temperature refers to the temperature of the mold cavity, not the temperature displayed on the mold temperature machine. Usually, during the stable production process, the cavity temperature will reach a stable dynamic equilibrium and be about 10 degrees higher than the display temperature.

What will the mold temperature affect?

Will affect the fluidity and cooling rate of the melt.

Because it affects fluidity, it affects product appearance (surface quality, burrs) and injection molding pressure;

Because it affects the cooling rate, it affects the crystallinity of the product, which in turn affects the shrinkage and mechanical strength properties of the product.

Mold temperature too high/low

High mold temperature: good fluidity; high crystallinity; large shrinkage (resulting in smaller size); deformation; longer cooling time required

Low mold temperature: poor fluidity (leading to flow lines and weld marks); low crystallinity; small shrinkage (leading to oversized dimensions)


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