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Dongguan Jinchen Precision Mold Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in high-precision mold parts processing and technology research and development. It has more than ten years of production experience and has solved many supply and technical problems for customers.

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manufacture equipment

Manufacture Equipment

Machine NameMoldel NO.QtyUnitManufacturer/BrandAccurancy(mm)Capacity(mm)
Five axis machineJDFGR400T1setChina0.002400×600×400
Small bench latheHM-15N6setChina/xiehong0.01MAX Dia 15mm
Small bench latheH3-25N4setChina/Zhaolong0.01MAX Dia 25mm
Light bench grinderMQ32201setJiangsu/Jinding0.002 
Ladder grinding machineKGS-250M7setTW/Jiande0.002MAX Dia 20mm
Cylindrical grinding machine 6setTW/Fuxincheng0.002MAX Dia 50*150
Internal grinding machine 4setTW/Fuxincheng0.002φ90*60
centreless grinding machineFX-123setTW/Fuxincheng0.002φ80*500
Surface grinding machineLSG-614S10setTW/Yuqing0.002300*350*150
Surface grinding machineHF618S7setTW/Wangpan0.002300*350*150
Milling machine   2setChina/Tuhua0.01800*400*500
Spindle bore lathe C26132A/C6232A2setGuangzhou Lathe0.01φ750*350
CNC lathe  6setTW/Wujiang0.002φ500*140
sand blast machine  1setChina  
Bench tapping machine 1setHangzhou/Xihu Max M12
Bench drill machine 1setHangzhou/Xihu Max Dia 25
Wire-cut Machine J3G2-4002setGuangzhou east sea0.002 
slow wire cut machine  2setJapan  Seibu 0.002 
Horizontal centrifugal grinding machine30411setChina/Huzhou0.002 
 EDM machines牧野/EDGE2i2setJapan0.002 
 EDM machinesSodick/AD32Ls16setJapan0.002 
 EDM machines 2setTaiWan0.002 
CNC Milling MachinesJingdiao/JDLVM/400TD3setBeijing0.005 

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