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Medical Mould–Puncture device parts mould development analysis

1,Role of puncture instruments

Various minimally invasive surgical procedures can be used for doctors to puncture the abdominal cavity during laparoscopic surgery, deliver gas to the abdominal cavity, and establish a channel for endoscopes and surgical instruments to enter and exit the abdominal cavity from the outside world.

The puncture device has two parts, the puncture sheath and the puncture core, the puncture core is mainly used with the puncture sheath to penetrate the whole abdominal wall and leave the puncture sheath on the abdominal wall, the puncture sheath is used to let all kinds of surgical instruments to enter into the abdominal cavity, and the surgeon can carry out surgical operation to complete the surgery.

2,Surgical puncture parts features

According to the thickness of the abdominal wall, there are different lengths of perforators, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, and according to the thickness of the instruments to be passed, there are different thicknesses of perforators, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, etc.

3,Part realisation difficulties

Piercing sheath: the product wall thickness is thin, the product is not easy to play full, cut with the length of the longer the length of the product, the greater the ratio of the length of the flow of the product, the more difficult to form, the product on the selection of the glue point into the mould, the mould of the exhaust, the requirements of the forming machine and process are higher.

Puncture core: If we do solid products, the product is thicker and longer, the deformation is a major difficulty, we need to integrate the mould flow analysis and scientific trial moulding method to ensure that the product deformation is minimal. If you do blind hollow products, the length of the type of product is longer, and the hollow corresponding to the mould core is in a state of suspension, no support, the design of the mould structure and the design of the balance of the feed point is very demanding, also need to combine the mould flow analysis and scientific mould testing method will be the best wall thickness uniformity and deformation of the product.

4,Mould Design Essentials

①. Reasonable design of the mould pulling angle to ensure that the product release surface will not be strained.

②. Design reasonable mould release structure to prevent the product from sticking to the slider core.

③. Design reasonable water circuit to ensure the overall temperature stability of the mould.

④. Design reasonable ejector mechanism to ensure product appearance.

⑤. Reasonable design of air venting to ensure that the residual gas in the mould cavity is discharged effectively when the product is filled at high speed.

⑥. Combined with the mould flow analysis, design a reasonable glue feeding method and feeding point size to ensure that the product is easy to fill.

Reasonable support mechanism of the mould design, to ensure that the slider core will not be deformed when the product is moulded, which will affect the balance of the glue when injecting.

5,Part Design Considerations

①. Under the premise of meeting the function of the product, try to design a thicker wall thickness of the product.
②. Under the premise of meeting the function of the product, the product draw mould as large as possible.
③. The main air hole of the product and the puncture sheath should be assembled after disassembling as much as possible.
④. Make the core as solid as possible, or make the product with blind hole structure, need to steal the hole at the end.

Puncture device product implementation, there is indeed a certain degree of difficulty, but as long as the product developers in the pre-development, and mould designers and molding process personnel to review the full, mould design stage, do a good job of adequate analysis of the mould flow, the trial stage of the selection of reasonable machine and process parameters, all the problems can be solved.

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