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Medical product mold manufacturing and production should pay attention to the problem of

The development of modern medical technology has led to the wide application of plastics in the medical field. From general drugs and pharmaceutical packaging, disposable medical devices, to multiple precision and high-tech content of medical meters, surgical instruments, etc., medical plastics play an important role in improving the level of medical technology.

Because of the medical equipment on health and safety, surface finish, corrosion resistance and other properties have special requirements, and thus the medical plastic products mold in the production process plays a pivotal role in its products. Mold is a measure of the level of a country’s medical plastic products manufacturing an important symbol of the high and low, to a large extent, determines the quality of the product, the efficiency and the ability to develop new products.

With the gradual improvement of China’s health care system, the demand for disposable medical devices is growing rapidly. For medical devices, especially for disposable medical devices mold manufacturing, product production equipment and processes put forward higher requirements.

(1) Strict requirements for the selection of mold materials

Most of the disposable medical device products are made of medical-grade materials, medical-grade materials with high safety performance, so there are strict requirements for the selection of mold materials. It is recommended that mold manufacturers choose corrosion resistance and high polishing performance of the mold material.

(2) Heat treatment process to regulate the hardness

In the mold use process due to the mold material soft and cause deformation of the parting line, which leads to the injection process occurs in the flying edge burr, if there is a flying edge burr will scratch the human skin and tissue, easy to cause medical accidents, so the hardness of such mold material has high requirements, in the mold manufacturing process using heat treatment process, mold roughing after tempering, hardness control in HRC32-36, the mold trial product qualified, and then the vacuum type, moving mold, core do vacuum quenching, hardness control in HRC58-620. After the mold test product qualified, and then the vacuum type, dynamic mold, core to do vacuum quenching, hardness control in HRC58-620.

(3) Reasonable and accurate structural design

Disposable medical device products transparent tubular parts are more, in the mold design should pay attention to the parting line segment difference can not be too large, as well as the thimble segment difference processing, as well as into the glue point as much as possible to use the point into the glue and in-mold cutting, rigorous use of manual handling of the sprues, because the medical parts of the product stability and consistency of the requirements of the product is very high.

(4) High precision requirements for mold manufacturing

Medical plastic products mold manufacturing process requires close parting surface, as far as possible through the equipment processing means to ensure mold precision, parting surface gap should be less than 0.01mm, ejector system of the push rod and push tube clearance should be less than 0.01mm. push plate ejector structure, the push plate should be guaranteed to have a certain degree of hardness.

Transparent products of the fixed and moving mold core should be polished to ensure that the Ra value of 0.20 or more, if necessary, can take the liquid polishing means.

(5) The injection molding workshop should be clean and up to standard.

Production workshop should be fully enclosed, the installation of high-power air conditioning ventilator, timely removal of harmful gases, to ensure that the workshop temperature and air clean, product production process, strictly prohibit the use of mold release agents and rust inhibitors, to ensure that the product is not contaminated, downtime to immediately clean the screw, barrel. Avoid residual raw materials on the injection molding machine screw damage, the implementation of GMP norms, in strict accordance with the ISO9000 quality management system, to ensure that the production process at all points without problems.

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