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Medical test tube molds are supposed to look like this

Plastic test tubes, as one of the common medical consumables, are used in very large quantities. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the market demand for test tubes is increasing day by day, and more and more companies are shifting their investment targets to the medical consumables market.

In order to make good medical test tubes, the first thing you need to do is to make good test tube molds. The difficulty of making a test tube mold is that it is easy to have a series of problems such as eccentricity, low precision, low qualification rate, etc. Such test tubes are not up to the technical standards of medical devices.

So how to do a good job of medical test tube mold? Sinomold based on their own medical mold manufacturing experience, to give you some reference!

1、Mold steel
The mold steel is made of stainless steel imported from Germany, which greatly increases the life of the mold; the mold frame is also changed to high-quality pre-hardened steel, which has higher hardness and better flatness! At the same time the core cavity by mirror polishing treatment, so that the surface of the test tube to achieve a higher degree of finish.

2、Gate selection
The greater the number of cavities in the test tube mold, the greater the coefficient of difficulty. The molten material in the cavity needs to be cooled down quickly after injection so that there will be no eccentricity, so the temperature control balance of the gate is very critical. Test tube mold adopts self-developed needle valve hot runner gate, with high design precision, the gate is convenient for fast injection and tight sealing.

3、Cooling system
Adopting large water inlet and outlet cooling system to achieve rapid cooling, uniform cooling of the melt in the cavity, to avoid the problem of eccentricity of the products.

4、Interchangeable design
Multi-cavity test tube molds can realize the function of interchangeability which can reduce the repeated investment cost and subsequent maintenance cost. The core test tube mold adopts independent self-locking structure, which can realize the interchangeability of product size, weight and wall thickness.

5,The most important thing for the test tube mold is to control the wall thickness of the product, can’t be eccentric, so the parallelism of each template and the concentricity of the holes of the inserts are very high, the traditional process uses boring machine processing but the accuracy is difficult to control. The traditional process uses boring machine but the accuracy is difficult to control. By changing to coordinate grinding, the parallelism of the template and the concentricity of the inserts are guaranteed to be 0.01mm.

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