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The connector is the basic element that forms the connection of the system


Connectors are the basic components necessary to form a complete system connection.

Connector is a device that connects two active devices. It is an electronic component for the transmission and exchange of current or optical signals between electronic system devices.

It serves as a node to transmit current or optical signals between devices, components, equipment, and subsystems independently or together with cables,

and maintains There is no change in signal distortion and energy loss between various systems,

and it is the basic component necessary to form the entire complete system connection. According to different transmission media, connectors can be divided into four categories.

According to different transmission media, connectors can be divided into four categories: electrical connectors, microwave connectors, optical connectors and fluid connectors.

Different connectors have different functions and application fields.

For example, electrical connectors are used for electrical signal links between devices, components, and equipment, and are widely used in communications, aerospace, computers, automobiles, and industry;

microwave radio frequency connectors are used for the connection of microwave transmission circuits and belong to high-frequency electrical connections.

connectors, mainly used in communications, military and other fields; optical connectors are reusable passive components used to connect two optical fibers or optical cables to form a continuous optical path.

They are widely used in transmission trunk lines, regional optical communication networks, long-distance telecommunications, optical Detection, and other types of optical transmission network systems.

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