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Dongguan Jinchen Precision Mold Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in high-precision mold parts processing and technology research and development. It has more than ten years of production experience and has solved many supply and technical problems for customers.

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Medical Series Mold Description


1. Mold material

. We use high-strength mold materials for medical mold mold bases. Optional materials include: 2083, P20H, 718H, etc.; the main part of the medical mold, including core, cavity, stripper plate (set) and related inserts , we use high-grade plastic mold steel. Optional materials include: 2083, 2344, 2311, 2316, 2738, S136, etc.; and a professional heat treatment company heats the main part of the medical mold. The hardness of the material generally exceeds HRC45 .


2. Mold design

Drawing lessons from Western medical mold design, and combining it with our rich experience, we use innovative mold designs to make the quality of JinChen Mold’s medical molds perfect.

3. Mold parts processing

Use high-speed CNC machining centers to process molds and perform standardized operations; ensure the accuracy of each medical mold part and ensure the interchangeability of every part.

4. Fast cycle time

Applying perfect cooling water channels to medical molds, combined with rapid cooling materials, optimizes cycle time, makes production faster and more stable, and improves production efficiency.

5. Selection of the number of mold cavities

1 cavity, 1X2 cavity, 2X2 cavity, 2X3 cavity, 2X4 cavity, 2X6 cavity, 3X4 cavity, 3X8 cavity, 4X4 cavity, 4X6 cavity, 4X8 cavity, 6X6 cavity, 6X8 cavity, 6X12 cavity.

6. Hot runner system of mold

The high-quality hot runner system developed by ourselves is reliable and stable; it can withstand ultra-high pressure injection molding pressure without leaking glue. After optimizing the gate of the mold, it can produce perfect plastic products; all parts of the hot runner of the medical mold are used High precision, high hardness, super wear-resistant material.

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