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Selection of high quality tungsten steel punches

The punch is the part in the mold used to shape the inner surface of the product. That is, the parts with the shape as the working surface are mainly used for the inner surface parts of the molded products, that is, the parts with the shape as the working surface.

According to the different material selection, it can be divided into SKD punching needles, SKH punching needles, ASP punching needles, tungsten steel punching needles and high-speed steel punching needles. They have different appearances due to different materials. Today I will mainly introduce to you the selection of high-quality tungsten steel punch products. Look at the glossiness. A high-quality punch pin should be black, high-gloss, and free of rust or spots. Looking at the reflection, if you find a bright glossy reflection on the edge, it is likely that the product has been used twice or has been naturally oxidized.

Listen to the sound. The high-quality tungsten steel punch needle will make a crisp metallic sound when tapped lightly. And if it makes a short sound, it may be made of synthetic materials or low-quality tungsten steel. Punching needles made of inferior tungsten steel are prone to breakage.

Look at the weight. Take a few tungsten steel punch needles and feel the weight with your hands. If it is a real tungsten steel punch needle, it will be heavier, while a synthetic product will be lighter.

The punch needle should choose different tungsten steel according to the stamping material and thickness. Normally, the greater the thickness of the stamped product, the tungsten steel model with better toughness and lower hardness should be selected; the greater the hardness of the stamped material, the lower the hardness of the tungsten steel, so as to avoid punching of the punch needle; The smaller the thickness or the lower the hardness of the stamped material, the higher hardness tungsten steel model should be selected. Punch needles can not only be used in small computer cases, mobile phones, and smart appliances, but can also be well used in large punching machines such as drilling machines and milling machines. They are mainly used to process round holes.

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