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Semiconductor precision mold production process points(2)

3, EDM control

(1) wire cutting processing preparation: wire cutting selection of precision slow-feeding wire cutting machine tools, processing accuracy ± 0.002mm, roughness Ra = 0.2um, select deionized water with high degree of deionization wire cutting wire verticality in line with the requirements of the processing accuracy of the appropriate tension cutting wire material and the material of the workpiece being cut to ensure that a reasonable processing speed.

(2) Processing route design: wire cutting processing of the original stress balance of the material in the process of processing has been damaged, resulting in stress concentration at the corners, to deal with the stress concentration of the method, using the principle of vectorial translation, finishing before leaving 0.8 ~ 0.9mm margin, pre-processing the cavity rough shape, and then heat treatment, so that the processing stress as far as possible in the finishing before the release in order to ensure the thermal stability. Processing convex mold using 4 times cutting, cutting wire cutting position and path should be reasonably formulated to choose the location of clamping blanks should be in the first feed after the workpiece is not hanging wall state, always make the workpiece force state is good, does not affect the subsequent processing; punching holes in blanks through the wire, the machining accuracy is guaranteed at 0.002mm.

(3) EDM molding process: EDM molding process to make coarse and fine electrodes respectively. Precision electrode with CNC machine tool processing completed, Cu-W alloy electrode, comprehensive performance is good, electrode loss than copper electrode is small, in good chip removal conditions, processing difficult to process materials and complex shape of the cross-section parts; Ag-W alloy electrode than Cu-W alloy electrode performance is better, for precision machining; graphite electrode, choose the loss is small, hardness, electrode etching speed, surface roughness is low, imported graphite electrode. Before the end of the EDM process, arrange the fine standardized trimming to remove the hardened thin layer formed on the surface.

4, Surface treatment and mold assembly

(1) surface treatment: after finishing after surface treatment workpiece surface without porosity, hardness uniformity, small differences in anisotropic properties, low inclusions and parts without machining the surface of the knife marks left when grinding marks and other stress concentrations. Through polishing, grinding, clamp grinding on the workpiece useless edges acute orifice inverted obtuse, electroprocessed surface was gray-white 6 ~ 10m metamorphic hardening layer removal, the layer is brittle and with residual stress, before use to fully eliminate the hardening layer.

(2) mold assembly: before assembling the workpiece should be fully demagnetized and clean the surface with acetic acid ethyl fat, in the grinding process of electrical processing, the workpiece will have a certain degree of magnetization, with a weak magnetic force, easy to adsorb some small debris in the assembly process: a full understanding of the structure of the assembly diagram and technical requirements, complete all kinds of parts; correctly list the order of the assembly of the parts and components of each other; check the dimensional accuracy of each component In the assembly process: fully understand the structure and technical requirements of the assembly drawing, complete all kinds of parts; correctly list the assembly sequence between each part; check the dimensional accuracy of each part; make clear the requirements of each coordination; match all the required assembly tools; first install the mold frame part of the guide pillar guide sleeve, cavity molding block components assembled; set up the template and the combination of convex and concave molds to adjust the position of each plate; open and close the mold to check the mold action is accurate and reliable.

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