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Structural design of secondary injection mould for cosmetics

First. Parts Analysis

1, the product material is ABS, shrinkage rate 0.5%. The surface of the product requires bright, post-processing plating. There are related plating product requirements in the back.

2,the original products are processed by injection and blowing process, injection and blowing mould with high production efficiency. The products are as shown in the figure.

3, due to the high cost of injection, pulling and blowing moulds, there are also requirements for injection moulding machines. There are also considerations to do blow mould, but the products produced by blow mould feel poor, lighter and other factors. After discussion and review, the product structure was changed. The product is completed by 2 times injection moulding and processed by ordinary horizontal injection moulding machine. The product is broken down into 3 parts: bottle body, inner stopper, and tip.

Second, mould structure and process analysis

1, the product is decomposed into 3 sets of moulds: 8 holes for the bottle body, 8 holes for the inner stopper, and 4 holes for the 2 times injection head.

2, the first production of the bottle body and the inner plug, the second injection of the head, the first plug into the bottle body, as shown in the figure.

3, Bottle body adopts bottom dispensing port, push plate top out, three-plate type. Design should consider concentricity, wall thickness is consistent. Cavity and core cooling effect should be good. Production photo:

4, 2 times injection moulding tooth head, simple structure. Just put the good bottle into the positioning cavity. Screw teeth to do the slider to pump away. But pay attention to: slider T line pressure groove gap to do to 0.20mm, and by the front end of the slider to do 2 marbles, when the slider into the role of warping, will not scratch the surface of the product. Lastly, the mould should be returned to its original position. Ejector plate design part of the cavity ejector products. As shown in the picture:

Finally,, the summary of experience

1, Bottle length size should be controlled accurately

2, The overall production efficiency is low, but the capacity and appearance of the product meets the requirements

3, In the production of products, the quality is stable and the rate of defective products is low. We can be assured that we can adopt. You can also discuss and exchange, put forward a better programme.

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