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Dongguan Jinchen Precision Mold Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in high-precision mold parts processing and technology research and development. It has more than ten years of production experience and has solved many supply and technical problems for customers.

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What are the key points to keep in mind when making pen mould mould parts?

First, do not just focus on product planning, ignore the pen mould parts manufacturing

Some users in the development of products or new products trial production, often the initial focus only on product development and development, ignoring the exchange with the pen mould parts manufacturing unit. After the initial conclusion of the product planning programme, early communication with the mould manufacturer has the following three advantages:

1, the mould manufacturer can do early planning preparations, to prevent hasty ill-considered, affecting the work schedule.

2, the manufacture of high-quality plastic mould, as long as the supply and demand sides work closely together, in order to finally reduce the cost and shorten the cycle.

3, can ensure that the planning of the product has a good forming process, will not be difficult to process the parts and modify the stereotypes planning.

Second, to prevent multiple collaboration, as far as possible, plastic mould manufacturing and product processing

1, with a qualified mould (test piece qualified), not necessarily produce a batch of qualified products. This is mainly related to the parts of the machine tool selection, forming process (forming temperature, forming time, etc.) and the operator’s skill essence

2, with a good mould, but also a good forming process, the best is a one-stop collaboration, try to prevent multiple collaboration. If the conditions do not have, we have to select a party to take full responsibility, in the contract with must be written clearly.

Third, do not just look at the price, from the quality, cycle, service all-round considerations

1, there are many varieties of moulds, which can be roughly divided into ten categories. According to the part material, physical and chemical function, mechanical strength, scale accuracy, surface finish, use life and other different requirements, select different types of mould forming.

2, high precision requirements of the mould also need to use high-precision CNC machine tool processing, and mould materials, forming process requirements are more stringent.

3、Some parts have special requirements when forming, the mould also needs to use warm runner, gas-assisted forming, nitrogen cylinder and other advanced technology.

4, the manufacturer should have CNC, EDM, wire cutting machine tools and CNC copy milling equipment, high-precision grinding machine, high-precision three-coordinate measuring instrument, computer planning and related software.

5, the general large stamping die to consider whether the machine tool has a press edge mechanism, and even side lubricants, multi-station progressive, etc..

6, the above mould manufacturing means and process is not every enterprise have and master. In the selection of collaborative manufacturers must understand its processing capacity, not only look at the hardware equipment, but also combined with the level of management, processing experience and skill strength.

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